Vanilla straight from the source! Vanilla BV specializes in gourmet Bourbon beans from Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Uganda and Tahiti!


our story


In 2004 Vanille B.V. was founded with the purpose of training farmers in Papua New Guinea in the cultivation of vanilla beans. Microcredit has been made available to these poor coffee farmers through cooperatives. Since the beginning supervision of cultivation, quality of flowering and growth and the fermentation process have been implemented.

Thanks to this long-term relationship, Vanille B.V. short lines with farmers from Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Uganda and Tahiti! 

Thanks to the short chain from farmer to user, Vanille B.V. vanilla at very competitive prices!


We focus on the Gourmet Bourbon beans from Madagascar! 

Vanille B.V only supplies Vanilla with the predicate: Bourbon. The name Bourbon comes from the island of Réunion, which used to be called Bourbon. Only vanilla from this region and with a high quality can bear this name. Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, east of Africa, is insanely popular. Long black vanilla pods, bursting with oil and seeds, with a rich long lasting sweet vanilla flavour. Vanilla B.V. has found even more beautiful, valuable places where equivalent vanilla beans grow! Build on the experience of the vanilla experts since 2004!

Proudly Presents

Royal Vanilla

Discover the queen of spices, straight from Madagascar. Discover the intense flavor of Bourbon vanilla in Royal Vanilla. Royal Vanilla.