Our story

the best vanilla comes from family

We believe that strong family ties make for even better vanilla. This is why we are a real, close-knit family business and work directly with the families who grow the vanilla beans in Madagascar.

Henk de Kroon founded Vanille BV in 2004, with the aim of training farmers in Papua New Guinea in the cultivation of vanilla beans. These poor farmers received microcredit through cooperatives to be able to grow vanilla in addition to coffee. From the start, we supervised the cultivation, the quality of flowering and growth and the fermentation process.

The demand for top quality vanilla beans increased. That is why we expanded our activities through India, Madagascar in the Sava region in particular. Over the years and thanks to our many trips to Madagascar, we have built a sustainable network in the region. Because of how directly we work together, we can keep our margins small.

the power of family

In 2018 Bas de Kroon, Henk’s son, joined the company. In 2020 second cousin Jef de Kroon also joined.

With the power of family, Vanille BV and the vanilla families in Madagascar are ready for a bright future..



We consciously package our vanilla in PET: easily recyclable,  faster degradable and lighter than glass, which means that we save on CO2 during transport. We are committed to producing less waste with the right packaging and by preventing and remedying mould.

We are also committed to preventing and remedying mold. Vanilla pods are susceptible to mold, due to poor harvest or fermentation. That is why Vanille B.V. developed a natural mold treatment that both prevents and removes mold. This way you can be sure of quality beans.

Conservation of nature


Ambassador foundation Mango Maso

Our vanilla comes from Madagascar, this island is famous for its natural beauty and biodiversity. The blue-eyed lemur symbolizes this. Vanille B.V. has therefore been sponsoring the Manga Maso foundation for years, which is committed to preserving these prosimians.

Direct contact with farmers
Madagascar’s vanilla farmers earn a fair price for their work. Vanille B.V. has worked directly with them since 2004. Because of our direct contact with the farmers, we can ensure that they get what they deserve.

Fair prices