Vanilla in large quantities

for industry

Vanilla B.V. distinguishes itself in its flexibility when it comes to packaging forms for retail and industry.

Vanilla BV distinguishes itself in its flexibility when it comes to packaging forms for retail and industry. Do you need large amounts of vanilla for further processing? Vanilla BV supplies vanilla in large quantities. The highest quality vanilla in bulk, for the processing industry.

Vanilla for the following areas of application:




Ice cream preparation


High tech extraction capabilities


Vanilla B.V. has high-tech extraction options including supercritical CO2 extraction. With this technique, CO2 gas is compressed into a liquid under high pressure. With the liquid CO2, an extraction is then performed on our premium vanilla beans.

When the pressure is removed from the process, the CO2 turns back into gas and only the pure vanilla extract remains. This technique is thus free of any solvent and is not subject to heat. This preserves all aromas.

TAILORMADE solutions


From beans in tubes or bags to vanilla powder in packets. Vanille B.V supplies every packaging in your house style, ready for the shelves. From a few boxes for retail to entire pallets for industry. From vanilla pods to vanilla extract and everything in between.

Vanilla B.V. supplies vanilla from the bean to the end product that you want to market.

onze core qualities

  • We work with our own recipe, see Aroma Innovations
  • Smaller production runs possible
  • Own production facilities for extracts, paste and aromas.
  • Quality beans thanks to our unique one-of-a-kind treatment that counteracts and prevents mold.

private label

Our vanilla with your label? We also supply our vanilla from Bourbon beans from Madagascar under private label. This way you can market your vanilla product under your own brand name. Your wishes, your volume and your packaging!

Aroma innovation & creation as partner

To expand our family, we have entered into an intensive partnership with Aroma Innovation & Creation.

Aroma Innovation & Creation has years of experience in the field of flavors, including of course one of the largest flavors worldwide: Vanilla. The laboratory is constantly looking at innovative development and research in the field of vanilla. This includes the development of new extracts on a natural basis, research into improvements in consumer products, the applicability of Vanille BV’s current products and monitoring trends and changes in the market. In addition, the quality of the beans is also closely monitored by Aroma Innovation & creation. This results in a guaranteed quality and taste of Vanille B.V. products.

The synergy between the two companies results in more knowledge, the best quality and high-quality service.